We offer 2 pods for those wishing for a comfortable, secure and sheltered alternative form of camping whilst staying on Tiree. Our pods are small and are minimally furnished but are a convenient option for those travelling to the Tiree by plane or if you are looking for more solid accommodation than a tent provides.

Each pod has a double bed or two single bed option, with basic mattress/es.

A double 240v 13amp socket in each pod powers a small heater/towel rail, providing comfort and the ability to power any standard household goods, phones and laptops that you may bring with you. An exterior decking area (not shown in our current photos) allows for comfort and storage off the ground, immediately outside the pods.

Guests must bring their own sleeping bag and/or sheets and duvet, and their own pillow/s. If you wish to bring your own camping mattress we would also recommend that you do so since our mattress's are basic and robust in order to fulfil the most basic camping and sleeping needs.

 Pod guests share our campsite facilities area and general campsite toilets and showers within other campers (Please see the 'Camp' section of the website for further details of what facilities and equipment our campsite offers).

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